Audio DSP Multiprocessor

The Terminal 1010x takes the DSP Experience to the next level with an intuitive front-panel that enables users to control 10 analog balanced inputs for Mic/Line/+48V and 10 balanced outputs. There are also 6 flexible RAD Plus PoE ports to connect breakout boxes and wall plate remote controls and 4 Universal GPIO logic ports for external devices such as alarm systems, sensors, lights, projectors, etc. There is also a slot for an optional DANTE™ 32x32 card for network connectivity.

  • Native Analog 10-in/10-out
  • 6 RAD+ Ports support RADs and DRs - adds 12-in/12-out, for a total 22-in/22-out
  • Optional DANTE™ card adds 32-in/32-out on the network
  • Expansion Port for future hardware releases
  • Online Wizard for quick-start using Halogen software
  • Enhanced front panel control and monitoring
  • Terminal 1010x
  • (5) 6-pin 3.8 mm Euroblock input (green, for audio inputs)
  • (5) 6-pin 3.8 mm Euroblock outputs (orange, for zone outputs)
  • (1) 6-pin 3.8 mm Euroblock input (black, for logic input)
  • IEC Power Cable
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Safety & Warranty Manual